60 Yoga Mudras - Wall Art This beautifully designed poster presents 60 of the most powerful hand mudras traditionally used in Yoga practice. Created by senior Yoga teachers, Cain and Revital Carroll, this one of a kind poster is the product of over 20 years of research and in-depth yoga practice. Detailed photos of the hands make it easy to learn the mudras, and each Sanskrit name has been transliterated into English with proper accent markings by Sanskrit scholar Nicolai Bachman. This distinctive poster makes a gorgeous wall hanging, and is an invaluable resource for deepening your understanding of Yoga Mudras. 19 X 27 inches, printed on acid free 100lb stock.

The Sanskrit word mudra means “attitude,” “gesture,” or “seal.” The Kularnava Tantra traces the word mudra to the root mud, meaning “to delight in,” and dru, meaning “to draw forth.” In Yoga, hand mudras are a subtle form of practice used to concentrate the mind, balance the body’s vital energy, and awaken the spirit of devotion. The sixty mudras presented here are a selection of some of the most powerful and commonly practiced mudras of the Indian Yoga Tradition.

52 Fundamental Hand GesturesFor the first time ever, the beautiful hand mudras of Indian Dance have been captured in poster form. Created by Odissi Dancer and Yogini, Revital Carroll, this unique poster is both a learning tool and a work of art. The poster documents the 52 fundamental hand mudras of the Abhinaya Darpana of Nandikeswara (one of the most important ancient Sanskrit texts on dance). Each of the 52 mudras is elegantly presented in its traditional practice order, with all the Sanskrit names transliterated into English including proper accent markings. This poster measures 24 x 36 inches, and is printed on high quality acid free 100lb stock.

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